ROKiT CITIES has been formed with one purpose: to bring wide area mesh networking WiFi XL services to communities across the world, and has started with 27 of the largest cities in India.

Our IP protected and proven solutions, ROKiT CITIES, can be deployed in both public and private network environments, and are supported by our vast ecosystem of partners. ROKiT’s proprietary technologies deliver mesh Wi-Fi XL networks to cities across the globe, starting with our first project in India which consists of 27 cities in India, and then the world. We believe basic necessities are a right, not a privilege. You only get one life - we're here to make sure you ROKiT.


  • ROKiT’s proprietary hardware/software solutions.

  • Designed for all environments. Mounting site conformal (e.g. lamp posts) anti- tamper housings. Various animal resistant enclosures.

  • Flexible and varied technologies for multi-network connectivity in the absence of dense access point drops. Suitable for a large range of topography.

  • 24/7 self monitoring and healing next generation Wide Area WiFi XL, uses our SuperFast technology.

  • Incorporates proven and next generation technologies.

  • Custom routing, authentication and billing solutions.

  • Highly scalable.

  • Seamless coverage on streets, cars, buses, buildings and homes.

  • Complete technical freedom and control over manufacturing.

  • All Wi-Fi technology has been stress-tested.

The Advantages of ROKiT as a Wi-Fi XL provider.

  • ROKiT has been a manufacturer of mobile phone and Wi-Fi products for almost 20 years.

  • Our mobile TV technology provides a 3G TV viewing experience over GPRS and has been adapted for many environments including law enforcement.

  • Expert experience in MNO integration for routing, security, authentication and billing and a number of other areas.

  • Responsible for the creation of Bluetooth hi-res fingerprint units for use with law enforcement – probably the world’s first mobile phone-based clandestine ANPR product – and many others.

  • Skilled and dedicated R&D and design teams in the  U.K and California.